You may pay for your dental care in several ways:

Private fee per item dental treatment

You can view our fee guide below. We ask you to pay for your treatment at each appointment. We do not normally send invoices. We accept cash, cheques and most credit and debit cards.

The cost of treatment for children is half the price of the adult fees, except for treatments involving any laboratory costs such as the construction of sports mouth guards.

An increasing number of our patients are choosing to take advantage of our monthly maintenance schemes.

Andrews Dental Care Plan for Adults

This enables you to spread the cost of routine dental care that you know you and your family are going to need throughout the year.

It has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our patients and reflects our preventive philosophy.

The plan covers:

  • Two clinical inspections per year
  • All routine x-rays
  • Cleaning and polishing – 60 minutes of dental hygiene treatments each year, usually 2 x 30 minute sessions
  • Access to our private emergency service
  • 10% discount on all private fees
  • 10% discount on additional hygiene treatments

The cost of the adult plan is just £13 per month with a one-off joining fee of £10 for adults (this joining fee goes to CODEplan to cover administration).

We ask that patients give 3 months notice of cancellation of their dental plan.

Andrews Dental Care Plan for Children

Children under the age of 6 will be treated free of charge so long as one parent or carer is a member of the plan

The plan covers:

  • Two check-ups a year
  • All routine radiographs including OPGs
  • Cleaning and polishing where needed
  • Specific dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction
  • The placement of fissure sealants on all suitable adult teeth
  • Access to our emergency service
  • 50% off private fees for additional treatment except those involving laboratory costs.

The cost for children who are 6 – 18 years old is just £6 per month  with a one-off joining fee of £5 which will be taken with the first monthly payment (this joining fee goes to CODEplan to cover the cost of administration).

(‘CODE’: The Confederation of Dental Employers Ltd)


New patient consultation and examination, treatment planning including all digital radiographs £90
Routine examination £35

Scale and polish, stain removal & oral hygiene advice


Small x-ray (digital) £10

OPG radiograph (digital)


Scale and polish, stain removal & oral hygiene advice £50
Additional 30 minute session: periodontal treatment £50
Fissure sealant £15
‘OPRO’ sports mouthguard from £80

Night bite guard


from £100
Amalgam (silver-coloured)  
Small £60
Medium £80
Large £100
Composite (tooth-coloured)  
Small £80
Medium £100



from £120
Composite Veneer £120
Porcelain veneer from £300
Porcelain inlay/onlay from £400

Superior aesthetic porcelain veneers all ceramic


from £450
Crowns and bridges  
Superior aesthetic high strength all ceramic (no metal) £475
Porcelain bonded to precious metal / bridge unit £425
Cast post and core from £100

Gold crown



Home whitening system


Extractions and aftercare  
Simple extraction from £40

Difficult or surgical extraction


from £100
Root Canal Treatment  
Single root (incisors, canines) from £185
Two roots (premolars)     from £225

Multi-rooted (molars)


from £300
Full upper and lower (dependant on quality of teeth used) from £1100
Partial denture small/large £420/£600
Denture repair/addition £60/£80
Cobalt chrome  
Full upper £950



from £950
Emergency appointments  
Appointment £25
Out of hours call-out £125

These charges are a guide and vary depending upon your individual needs.

Charges are dependant on treatment complexity and time taken.